Basic information

The Theological Bulletin of the Smolensk Orthodox Theological Seminary is a scientific publication of the Smolensk Seminary, one of the oldest theological educational institutions of the Russian Orthodox Church. The journal was created with the blessing of Metropolitan Isidor of Smolensk and Roslavl with the participation of the teaching staff of the theological school, headed by the rector, Archpriest Georgy Urbanovich.

The modern development of the Smolensk Theological School as the first in the modern history of the seminary, which received a license in 2009 to implement the State Standard «Theology», and in 2011 — state accreditation in this area, determines the development of its main scientific publication.

In this regard, the key areas of the journal are research in the field of theological and historical sciences.

This choice is due to both the actualization and development of the new specialty «Theology», and the traditional directions associated with the outstanding representatives of the ancient Smolensk department. Among them are the theologian and educator the Monk Abraham of Smolensk, the philosopher and historian Bishop Gedeon Vishnevsky, the founder of the seminary in Smolensk.

Among the graduates of the Smolensk Seminary are outstanding scientists: the founder of Russian soil science Vasily Vasilyevich Dokuchaev, local historian Ivan Ivanovich Orlovsky; philologist, scientist-theologian Archimandrite Macarius (Glukharev), who was glorified among the saints for his educational work; Archbishop Nicholas — the first preacher of Orthodoxy in Japan, glorified among the saints as Equal to the Apostles; Alexander Romanovich Belyaev — one of the founders of Soviet science fiction literature and others.

Frequency of issues of the journal

in the period from 2015–2019. — annually, from 2020 — quarterly.

Founder and publisher

Religious organization — spiritual educational organization of higher education «Smolensk Orthodox Theological Seminary of the Smolensk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church»

214000 Russia, Smolensk, 5, Timiryazevstr.



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