The first issue of the journal for 2021 in the format of an electronic online publication.

A new issue of the annual scientific journal «Theological Bulletin of the Smolensk Orthodox Spiritual Seminary» No. 1 2021 has been published in a network format. The journal is a scientific publication of the Smolensk Orthodox Theological Seminary. It is included in the scientific base «Russian Science Citation Index» and in the Church-wide list of journals in which it is recommended to publish the research results of applicants for academic degrees in theology and church history.





Theological research studies

Danilov A.V.

Anthropological discussion between Julian of Eclanum and Augustine of Hippo


Priest Andrey Volkov (Volkov A. S.)

The cult of Artemis in Ephesus in the 1st century A.D. in the context of exegetical studies of New Testament Scripture


Priest Victor Kulaga (Kulaga V.V.)

The problem of the hierarchical structure of the Church in pneumatocentric ecclesiology


Khandoga N.A.

Some aspects of symbolic arrhythmology of saint Victorinus of Poetovio



Gavrilenkov A.F.

The Orthodox church, sectarianizm and power in the Smolensk province (1905–1917)


Ilina A.M.

Working with terminological vocabulary in the study of the discipline «Russian language and culture of speech» in theological seminary: practical aspects


Archpriest Sergius (Adodin S.S.)

The structure and activities of the Orthodox Sisterhood of the Holy Myrrh-Bearing Women in Kemerovo


Information about authors


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